Welcome to TechnoWiki.

Our objective is to explain some of the mysteries of the wireless networking world and the terminology used. We aim to make it understandable for everyone as to help introduce new people to this wonderful technology.

Currently we are investigating Ubiquiti routers and will be updating this daily to be more concise and complete.

If you feel you can help contribute to this TechnoWiki, please contact us with text and  pictures.





wiki.ubnt.com/AirOS_3.4   A/B/G products

wiki.ubnt.com/AirOS_5.3   M Series products. No 5.5 yet

Provide a hotspot

Provide your own custom branded hotspot!

Download FREE International Mai Wi-Fi firmware onto your Router and convert it into a complete Hotspot solution.

Offer Free & Paid Internet with no subscription. Collect up-to 70% of all paid access.

Set prices, speeds, url redirection, custom banner, language and currency. Print voucher’s and online credit card facility built in.

Register for Free to receive your own Mai Wi-Fi account needed for Hotspot install & Cloud Control Portal. Then download our Ubiquiti AirOS M Series Hotspot Firmware.
See www.maiwifi.com International or www.maiwifi.co.nz New Zealand

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