Point To Multi Point

Point to Multi Point (PtmP) is used alot in WISP setups

WISPS  =  Wireless Internet Service Provider


Read these links:


Put a RocketM5 with omni  high at one end of the line. Set it to AP-WDS mode, on a channel in the 5800MHz range. This is your Internet feed radio.

At each receiving point, put a NanoStation Loco M5 facing toward the first one. Set each to station-WDS mode, all are in bridge mode.

Connect each of these M5 radios to 2.4GHz access point using a CAT5 jumper cable–LAN to LAN.

You need to set the 2.4GHz access points to AP mode, and on 20MHz channel width. Put them on different channels so they won’t interfere with each other. Use channels 1, 6 and 11 if possible. (need to be 5 channels apart to stop interference issues).


Beach Setup

All ‘Red Dote” zones are 5.8GHz AP’s configured as STATIONS that each link back to the centre AP facing them. Standard 2.4GHz AP’s are situated at every STATION to broadcast wireless to users.


Hardware for Point-to-Multipoint Network

PtmP with bad download speed fixed with Channel width change

500m by 500m ptmp network


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