Simple Router

A simple router means a AP setup as a wireless router that connects your devices to the internet. Similar to what you would purchase from your local electronics store.


AP Settings (nanoM2 5.5 firmware)

  1. Set Wireless Mode to Access Point
  2. Enter the SSID (signal name) you prefer
  3. Set Channel width to 20MHz. Disable Channel Shifting
  4. Setup Security. Use WPA2 if possible

IMPORTANT  Make sure airmax is disabled


If you need the Router to serve as your only modem/router in an Internet setup, on the Network tab, choose ‘router’, and then PPPoE (which will then appear). You can now enter your PPPoE settings. (UBNT AirRouter etc).

The other option is a  ‘SOHO router.

NOTE: Apple MAC and Ipad wont connect


AP setup on outside of house to provide outside wifi  and for signal for a nano to connect to for a close by house


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