Setup a AP to pick up your wireless signal, or someone else’s. A station is also known as a Client and is used to receive a wireless signal.


Station Settings (nanoM2 5.5 firmware)

  1. Set Wireless Mode to Station
  2. Channel width to 20MHz
  3. Click on SELECT (to the right of SSID)
  4. Click SCAN and select wireless signal you want to connect to
  5. Click on LOCK TO AP
  6. Enter Wireless Security if required (password of the wireless signal you want to connect to)

Leave Network on Bridge with Static IP

Select wireless signal to connect to

Wireless Scan breakdown

  • SSID Name of wireless network
  • Encryption of wireless network
  • Signal level – Anything under -80 is normally connectable (-70 is stronger. Signal level has to be less than the noise
  • Channel of wireless network

Main Screen once Station is connected to the remote wireless signal

NOTE:  To access the router again, set PC/Laptop with a static address and enter into the address bar

Connecting to a signal from afar… what is best??

Remote Connection to a hotspot using a M2 Loco

How to Connect automatically to open Wifi


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