WiFi Tools


Airmax is unique to Ubiquiti M series radios and allows better connection’s and more user number’s possible.

It has to do with the way the RF spectrum and wifi in general works (time slots, bandwidth available, distance to each cpe, environmental factors, etc). AirMax helps overcome some of those obstacles to the point when you can almost double the number of clients, but you are still hindered by the laws of physics.

Without AirMax, there are no time slots reserved for each client. The RF network is now a hub environment (as opposed to a switch environment). Clients will TX randomly, clobbering each other in the process. There are re-tries and hidden transmitters to contend with.


The AirMax feature requires Ubiqiti equipment. To use a radio as a “base station” or AP to non Ubiquiti equipment, the AirMax feature must be disabled.

Additionally, the channel width may also need to be set to 20 MHz. Ubiquiti equipment supports up to 40 MHz, but not all other manufacturers do.

TIP: If you are using your Ubiqiti AP to share internet to users on WiFi devices, i-pad, wifi phones, laptops OR are using it to create a wireless network with other vendors (Engenius PtP etc) turn Airmax off. It is used to link Ubiqiti to Ubiqiti networks only.

Airmax priority


Airview graphs show received power across a given selection of frequencies, over time.



The worldwide unlicensed 2.4GHz band is becoming increasingly crowded. Cordless phones, baby monitors, alarm systems, and a massive collection of wifi devices all battle with each other to share the same medium for communication.

Airview is a function built into Ubiquiti radios. It is used to scan the frequencies used in wireless and help you find the best channel’s available, or possible interference issues.

For many professional installers, analyzing the 2.4GHz spectrum to determine the optimum setup for new wireless equipment is imperative. Typically, this is done with a tool called a “Spectrum Analyzer”, costing from several hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, which is capable of displaying the distribution of RF energy in the 2.4GHz band.

The following shows bad interference across the spectrum



Airlink combines with Google Earth to give you an idea of obstacles between two different locations for point to point (PtP) and point to multi point (PtmP) setups.

What you see with Airlink does not take foliage or buildings into account. You must do that yourself.

Other WiFi Tools

NetStumbler & MacStumbler are programs you can download for free to scan the environment for Wireless Signals, Strengths, Channels used and Security set.

inSSIDer is a spectrum analyzer – it will find RF emissions.  UBNT AirOS’s AirView spectrum analyzer is similar.

The Discovery Tool is a ethernet finder tool. The Discovery Tool only works when the radios and computer running it are on the same ethernet subnet.

RF Attenuator
Note: Place one at the AP and another at the PoE injector.



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